I’m now very proud to say that I can orientate my map, take a bearing, follow an orienteering course, take a back bearing (possibly, if I thin really hard) and bash through heather and bogs without getting lost! Not to mention locate cute little haggises tucked into wall corners, behind cairns, sunbathing next to ponds and rescue them from the bottom of quarries.

Brilliant course, a great couple of days. I can confirm Fran is ideally suited to the job as she’s not only a master navigator, she has the patience of a saint!

If you book on a Saturday you can even sample the UK’s hilliest parkrun to kick off your morning.

Ash, beginner and intermediate courses, June 2024

The intermediate course was a great day out: so informative, just challenging enough and fun!

Fran is a great teacher and makes you feel at ease when you ask silly questions as well.

It was lovely to have such a small group as these things can often feel very impersonal.

Looking for haggis was a lovely touch too: map reading doesn’t have to be so serious!

I feel much more confident with these map and compass skills now and the follow up information was very much appreciated.

Kim, Intermediate course, June 2024

I cannot recommend this course enough. Fran made it all understandable removing the intimidation and working in small groups there was a lot of opportunity to check and double check what we were doing and all in stunningly beautiful surroundings.

The way Fran teaches is great more about lots of conversations and you seeking answers not just being told which help ensure the key information sticks.

I now can’t wait to get out on the trails with a map and a compass – that’s never happened before I’m normally glad I don’t have to look at them again! Thanks so much Fran!

Karen, beginner course, May 2024

I did the beginners course and had no prior map reading or compass skills. Fran was brilliant and the course was great teaching you in the morning and putting it into practice on the afternoon. Would highly recommend, so much so we’ve booked for the intermediate course in September

Jude, beginner course, May 2024

I did the beginners course this morning and Fran was fantastic. Would highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn the basics of a map!

Becca, beginner course, May 2024

Great course today Fran. Thanks for passing on your knowledge. Will see you in September, would definitely recommend.

Dave, beginner course, May 2024

I had a great time today doing the beginners course. Fran is brilliant, and the course was really well structured. I was quite nervous that I wouldn’t have a clue but am now much more confident.
I would highly recommend to everyone 😊

Elaine, beginner course, May 2024

Amazing day spent with Fran and fellow students. Very well organised with clear and simple instructions on the fundamentals and answers to our million and one questions. Good fun, easily understood and I will definitely be back for the intermediate course.

Ben, beginner course, May 2024

Fran is so knowledgeable!! Just got back from doing the beginners course ( 28 April ) and I just could not recommend it enough. She made the day super fun and learnt loads. I just can’t wait to put my new learnt skills into practice 😊 – Thank you Fran! X

Susana, beginner course, April 2o24

Brilliant day with Fran from Run like a Haggis. Great sessions to learn and practice navigation skills. Lots of variety and really encouraging friendly leader in Fran. Despite the rain, we had a great time. Will definitely be back for the intermediate course.

Claire, beginner course, April 2o24

My navigation skills are not as good as I need them to be & so I was really pleased to see ‘Run Like A Haggis’ navigation courses relatively near to me. Not only is Fran is an excellent, patient tutor, but the course was FUN! Highly recommend to anyone.

Delyth, beginner course, April 2o24

Completed intermediate navigation course today (27th April) and a truly great day, was a bit unsure if I was at intermediate level as yet, but I needn’t have worried. Once again Fran broke it down into small chunks that were easy to follow, even the bits I had a little trouble with she explained with such patience and care. Anyone out there who would love to learn navigation skills , please don’t hesitate in booking onto Fran’s course, she is absolutely brilliant and makes it great fun. We’ve asked for an intermediate refresher course, love it

Debbie, intermediate course, April 2024

Attended Fran’s Beginner Course 24th April. Very informative and enjoyable. Steady pace and easy to absorb info. Would recommend.

Vivien, beginner course, April 2014

Thanks so much for Friday…it was really enjoyable and I felt like I learned/retained a lot of info. Feeling a new found confidence in the countryside now.

Martine, beginner course, April 2014

Wonderful day out with Fran. The beginner’s course is well structured and packed with content without being overwhelming. I was particularly pleased with the pace of the course. There was plenty of time to practise and to consolidate new skills. I’m feeling much more confident about following a route and I’m looking forward to my next adventure. 

Anne, beginner course, March 2024

Fran’s Beginners Navigation course was both very enjoyable and very useful. As a runner and sometime walker with only a vague schooldays memory of how to use a compass and read a map I now feel massively more confident about planning and following a route, identifying waypoints and navigating using compass bearings. I’ll definitely use and look to develop these new skills.
Fran is also a very good, patient and friendly instructor and organised the day to include a fabulous walk in a beautiful location as well as ensuring we achieved a good understanding of all the course aims, adapting where necessary to make sure everyone in the small group got what they wanted out of it. I’d definitely recommend this course for a beginner or one of the more advanced sessions for people looking to improve on existing ability.

Chris, Beginner course, March 2024

I really enjoyed have the opportunity to practice navigation using both orienteering and OS maps and compare the differences between the two.Thanks very much Fran I thoroughly enjoyed todays course, this was a great opportunity to freshen up my navigation skills with your support. Hopefully see you on the Saunders. 😃

Ronnie, Intermediate course, March 2024

A great day! Fran was super-knowledgeable, and more importantly, able to share that knowledge in a way that made me feel much more confident in navigating off the paths. I’m normally a ‘follow the track’ kind of person, but now feel much more comfortable to walk on a bearing, negotiate a good route between points, and establish where I am referencing features on the map and on the ground. Really fun and well thought out day too, very well paced too, felt like we covered the information thoroughly without overdoing anything! Highly recommended – now when is the next mountain marathon…?

Maddy, Intermediate course, March 2024

I’m still buzzing from such a fantastic day!! My biggest takeaway was the enormous confidence boost I got from not only learning how to take a bearing but also the amount of practice we got simply doing it!! 😍

A very well-organised and informative day! I have eyesight issues, and Fran communicated well before the event to ensure I had everything I needed for a successful day. I was particularly pleased with the variety of maps she talked us through, and subsequently discovered that Harvey maps work best for my eyesight! The small group size was perfect. Fran took time to understand our goals and adjusted the day to fit them, highlighting aspects we were learning that might help us to reach those goals. She was also incredibly patient as I stopped to investigate the myriad of mosses & lichens encountered. 😂 It was just such a fantastic day; I’m still buzzing from it! The confidence increase from just a few short hours with Fran is staggering! I was sad to say goodbye to the group at the end, but immediately signed up to the intermediate course. I can’t wait!

Lisa, Beginner course, March 2024

I did the beginner’s course. It was friendly, practical and fun. Fran very quickly put me at ease and I absolutely loved it. I went away feeling more confident and was buzzing. Such a great course!

Sarah, Beginner course, March 2024

A great day with Fran learning how to map read. Learned loads and feel so much more confident for future walking. Fran took everything at a pace that suited my learning. And it was great fun, too.

Catherine, Beginner course, March 2024

The day was well structured starting with reading a map, building confidence in using a compass and bearings, then in the afternoon bringing all these together on open moorland. I have never before felt as confident that I know what I am doing! And it was fun as well. Maybe I will try the Intermediate Course next!

Alyson, Beginner course, March 2o24

Excellent course and first-rate teacher. By the end of the day I felt 100% confident that I could use a map and a compass to plot a course across wild country – in any weather. Brilliant.

Alan, Beginner course, March 2024

Fantastic beginners navigation course. Everything explained very clearly and learnt so much. Already signed up for the night navigation course. Fran was great. Highly recommended

Anne, Beginner course, February 2024

 I learnt a lot in a short space of time.  Fran was really helpful in tailoring things to my needs and I got to spend the day walking and practising the skills as we walked. Loved the practical elements.

Kelly, Beginner course, February 2024

Fran is clearly very knowledgeable, skilled and passionate about the subject and the fact it was in Hamsterley Forest as this made it exciting and more akin to ‘real life’ navigation situations. Thank-you for  a well designed and well planned course. I found it extremely useful as it enhanced my navigation skills and more importantly my confidence in my navigation. I feel safer going out on the fells on my own.

I attended Fran’s Night Navigation course in Hamsterley Forest. It was a well organised course tailored to my needs and I could not have asked for more. Fran is an experienced, highly skilled and passionate course leader. I would recommend this course to any fell runner who wants to enhance their navigation skills to improve confidence and safety on the fells.

Tamsin, Night navigation course, February 2024

I liked that it was broken up into easy elements to understand.  It was very relaxed and I felt I could ask any questions.’ 

Katherine, Beginner course, February 2024

Fran made the whole day so accessible and enjoyable. I felt I learned so much in such a short time. I loved learning to take a bearing with a compass to check I was heading in the right direction, honestly it was magic! Thanks for a lovely day! I’m buzzing and looking forward to practicing my new skills!

A fantastic navigation course, Fran explained the activities really clearly and I’ve come away so much more confident about map reading and using a compass . A really well thought out day and lots of fun too! I feel very wind blown and happy!

Kate, Beginner course, February 2024

The course was very informative and set at a good pace. It was also good fun! Thanks so much Fran for a fab day.

Thanks so much Fran for a useful, practical and inspiring Navigation Course for Beginners. I can’t wait to use my new skills on the trails, wherever they may lead!

Sarah, Beginner course, February 2024

‘Fran is an amazing teacher , I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn or improve their navigation skills  . I feel so much more confident in going out on the fells/hills. Absolutely first class course and instructor’

‘Great course, fabulous knowledgeable very friendly course leader, my fears melted away and Fran gave us bite size pieces to learn map reading and compass navigation. I can’t recommend enough for anyone wanting to learn/improve navigation. I simply had the best day learning’ 

Debbie, Beginner course, February 2024

Fran is an excellent guide! The course was informative and great fun! I feel so much more confident navigating now.

Thank you for a wonderful day Fran! It really was excellent!

Emma, Beginner course, January 2024

I enjoyed the whole day. It’s wonderful to remember that it’s still fun to learn.

Michael, Beginner course, January 2024