Courses on offer

All courses will be limited to 6 participants to ensure you receive an excellent level of tuition. All navigation courses will be led by me (head haggis, Fran).

My beginner course will teach you how to navigate safely, efficiently and confidently.

This is a practical course taught at a walking pace so do not worry about your running ability level. Throughout the day we progress through a range of activities where you will build on skills step by step, immediately putting what you learn into practice.

We will cover: orientating the map, reading the ground, using your surroundings to locate yourself on the map, following a route on a map and using the compass to take a bearing to check direction. By the end of this session you will be able to confidently follow a fell or trail race route.

Upcoming course dates:

  • Saturday 20th July – Fully booked
  • Sunday 8th September – 5 places available
  • Saturday 12th October – 3 places available
  • Sunday 10th November – 4 places available
  • Saturday 14th December – 6 places available

My intermediate course will develop your navigation skills so you are able to make efficient, safe and optimal route choices and decisions while out in the hills and mountains.

We will cover: reviewing taking bearings, interpreting contour detail, plotting a route between two points, route choice decisions and relocating yourself after you get lost.

This is a practical course with plenty of opportunity to put into practice the skills that are taught. We will walk throughout our skills building in the morning. In the afternoon we put your skills to the test but navigating to a series of checkpoints. This can be done at either a run or a walk – you have the choice .

Upcoming course dates:

  • Sunday 21st July – 4 places available
  • Sunday 22nd September – 2 places available
  • Sunday 13th October – 1 place available
  • Saturday 9th November – 4 places available
  • Sunday 15th December – 4 places available

This course is for people who are ready for a new kind of challenge. We will head out into the dark and learn how to use the features we can see and the lay of the ground to navigate with a map at night. This is good preparation for 24 hour challenges, ultra marathons and adventure races which involve travelling in the mountains at night.

Skills we cover include: pacing, taking and following compass bearings, using handrails and catching features and route choice.

Upcoming course dates:

  • Saturday 12th October – 4 places available
  • Saturday 9th November – 4 places available
  • Saturday 14th December – 4 places available

I offer bespoke courses tailored to your individual navigation needs.

These can be held in Hamsterley Forest or in other locations specific to your goals for the course.

Would you like a session for your running club?

Are you a group of friends wanting to learn some navigation skills together?

Are you looking for something different to do with a community group or family day ?

Prices will vary depending on the group size and location you choose. Please get in touch with a brief outline of your goals for the course and we can start tailoring a bespoke navigation course to suit your needs.