54th OMM, Snowdonia, October 2023

This was due to be Fran vs the OMM A class round 2. However, about 6 weeks out after a LDMT (due to be my fitness test) that was interrupted by some over enthusiastic route planning from Rhys Finlay-Robinson and a serious thunderstorm while I was on Crinkle Crags I was getting myself all stressed about being able to complete the A Class. There is a huge time investment that goes into completing these weekend mountain marathons from the time spent away from the boys training to the logistics of childcare. This means that when it is no longer feeling like fun then the sums don’t add up and it is not worth the sacrifice. So when attempting the A Class again at the OMM was becoming a stress rather than something exciting we decided to change course to the long score. This meant there was no question that I would be able to complete both days, we knew exactly how long we would be out on the hills for (8 on the Saturday, 7 on the Sunday). We could focus on doing the best that we could in the time that we had. As it turned out, this was an incredible OMM. The weather was perfect for running in and we had an amazing time, about 80% of the time! I now have my OMM completion ticked. Only we had such a great time that now I am looking at Andy and wondering if he fancies coming to the Southern Highlands with me for another weekend of fun. And maybe this time I won’t let the head demons get their way and we will get that A Class completion.